Kasip Fatima (coolcat's jotting's)

Recently, due to the persuasive skills of a salesgirl in Jaya Jusco, I decided to try out a new coffee brand ~ P-erl Cafe with Kacip Fatimah (need to put a dash because it's a banned word on my site!). It seems that Kacip Fatimah (ginseng specially formulated for women) helps women who have just given birth regain their energy faster. And for other women, it's just an energising herb.

But Kacip Fatimah has about the same connotation as Tongkat Ali (ginseng formulated for men). Both are notoriously touted as aphrodisiacs.

I wasn't into all these energising (nor aphrodisiac) thingy but the sample brew tasted good and the salesgirl was so sweet, so I bought a packet. No harm trying, right?

The very next morning I tried it. And discovered that it energised my wits a wee bit too much. Tongue became sassy and sharp. Teased my frens mercilessly. Yikes.

So, I decided to try it out in the afternoon instead. Today, specifically. After a heavy lunch and all, I needed all the energy I can get. The minute I mixed hot water into the brew, the whole office was abuzz. Everyone was sniffing the air and wondering who the coffee culprit was.

HK suspected it was me and turned to look and smile enquiringly at me. I lifted my mug and nodded to her. Everyone else saw that and their curiousity was soon appeased. We all had a good laugh.

The aroma is very distinct because of the ginseng, I guess. So far, no effects both good or bad have been observed as I sip it. It sure tastes great. But I still prefer my Chek Hup leh.

Because of its aphrodisiac connotations, I dared not offer it to my colleagues. Again, have an image to maintain mar.